Aug 08 2007

Recategorization Half Completed

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 3:30 am

As I previously mentioned, the blog was undergoing some work yesterday. Now that stage has been completed, I am working through all the posts, month by month, and re-categorizing those that easily fall into one of the new niches I have created. This has obviously led to a lengthening of the list of categories on the left here, and if anyone is searching for a post, you will currently notice that posts made before April this year are still to be worked on. I hope to eventually get all the work done, and perhaps encourage a little more traffic from search engines etc, as less posts will simply be labelled as Personal or Interesting – not really the most descriptive of titles, apologies to those that have put up with it for so long.

PS I am pretty sure there will be some further minor tweaking done over the coming weeks, as categories may be merged/split or simply renamed; however nothing as drastic as the work last night will be carried out, so visitors should not notice any loss in speed of the site being served to them.