Jul 05 2007

Push And Glide

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 8:01 pm

We are all off ice skating in a few minutes. There are two ice rinks (that we know of) in Astana, and we have not tried the second one yet.
One small problem – I can not actually skate. If you see me from the waist up, nothing looks too bad – I appear to be moving (albeit a little slowly) normally. However, if you do not have the ice rink wall blocking your view, you will notice a strange pattern to my feet moving. Unfortunately, only one of my ankles will allow me to balance on it, whilst the other foot is pushing at an angle on the ice. As soon as I try to complete the manoeuvre my other ankle just buckles under me. Given that I am not the most stable of people on ice anyway, this tends to lead to me falling on my arse. Which then gets cold and wet, whilst my face goes red and I attempt to stand up. So…. I tend to skate with one leg, hoping no one is laughing too loudly.
Anyway, should be a laugh, and we have just discovered that Lorsha will also be coming with us. Big thanks to his Dad in advance, for giving us a lift. I will try to remember to write a little report later, to let others know what the state of the ice is like… hopefully more like Swindon ice rink than Bristol’s.

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