Mar 18 2009

Productive Day

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 7:39 pm

Today was a good day for sorting out things – shoes to replace Ira’s winter boots, Mothers Day shopping, a new tax disc sorted out for the car, lawn mower and strimmer bought for our St Thomas house.
However, I still haven’t combed all the PC’s hard drives for the Jimi wallet, Kaiser / TyTn II car cradle and recent Anna photos. Later tonight or tomorrow. Both Seb and ChrisB are confirmed as coming this weekend to see Anna, we’re really looking forward to seeing them both again.
Please excuse the draft like quality of this post – tea is about to be served and I think I spotted my favourite posh ravioli-like cheese and ham pasta parcels on the side before, so I’m heading downstairs again.

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