Jul 05 2007

Pedalo A Go-Go

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 12:57 am

As Alex had not yet seen Astana from the river Ishim, we decided to hire a pedalo (in case that turns out to be an English phrase, those are little boats with water wheel like propulsion, that two people power by pedalling like on a bike) and have a quick jaunt around the area between two bridges. After a not small amount of bickering over just how inaccurate some people’s sense of direction was (steering with two non-equal sources of power and a dodgy rudder is not the most accurate of systems) we quickly settled into a routine. Said routine consisted of not ceaselessly turning in circles, avoiding other boats that dared to cross our intended (though somewhat zig-zag) course and generally having fun. Alex managed to grab a few shots of the scenery, so there is another batch of photos I’ll have to post sometime soon.

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