Aug 03 2007

PDA App #5 – GPS Tuner

Category: Amsterdam,Personal,Windows MobileChrisM @ 4:50 am

So, now we are moving onto the software with navigational uses. Although I have an old version of TomTom, I was interested just what would be possible to achieve, focusing on walking around, rather than being in a car. Of course a walker could use TomTom to get from A to B, but as I will be testing this in Amsterdam, crossing canals on a pedestrian bridge, one way streets, and entire pedestrianized zone would definitely throw a spanner in the works, if I were to rely on TomTom entirely.
I am currently collating information on the places that Alex, ChrisD and I want to visit, mainly their Latitude and Longitude. Combined with map I am creating, I hope to have at the very least a good indication of which direction we should walk, and roughly how far away the next stop is. Actually I need to check previous posts re. the map, I’ll post more on it later if I haven’t already bored you 🙂
Anyway, there are a lot of configuration options, enough to make me think I should probably even read the GPS Tuner manual before the trip!

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