Jun 09 2007

Pate’s Reunion – Class of 1997

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A couple of sections didn’t scan in that well, and I had to compress and resize the picture a great deal to stop this blog’s server from going over it’s limits, but here is the Pates class of ’97, taken a year before we all left…
Pate’s 1996 School Photo

Here we have a few people zoomed in a little more, again a few faces (Tiff and Yan especially) are blurred, apologies…
Cut Outs of Pates 1997 Class
From left to right, top to bottom, we have Anne Harmer, John Harris, Tiffany Vincent, Zanya Etheridge, Chris Merriman, Miriam Hale, Chris Ramshaw (looking like an Oxbridge grad already), Michael Bavin and Yan Chee Yu.

It could be worse though, I could have followed Pate’s official site’s example, and used a 500Kb PNG image (check out the picture of the current head there to see what I mean… I’m guessing Mr Thornton was maybe involved LMAO)

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