Jun 08 2007

Paris Hilton Receives Relief

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:47 am

whilst the rest of the world does not manage to sound at all shocked.
Yep, after serving just THREE days in jail, Paris Hilton has been released from prison, and put under house arrest.
The reason? Undisclosed medical issues apparently. If this had been ANYONE not in the public limelight, her treatment would have been very different.
If the medical reason was physical, the prisons have their own medical centres, or if they couldn’t handle the issue, guards could have secured her at a nominated public hospital. If the medical issue was a mental health issue, again there are already recognised systems in place to handle inmates, without just releasing them.
Her lawyer complained she was spending 23 hours a day in her cell.
AND? How is that different from anyone else who repeatedly gets drunk, drives her car, even when her license has been revoked?
Anyway, onto other things, that will hopefully annoy me a little less…

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