Oct 02 2008

PageRank Finally Climbing Again

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:19 pm

As you may remember from last year (around this time actually), this blog’s Google PageRank changed from four. Unfortunately, it didn’t go in the direction I was expecting, but instead plummeted to zero. This was due to Google deciding that sponsored links that were not part of their AdSense system were a problem, and that bloggers who placed these links or reviews should be punished. Well, one year later the recovery has started. Whether this is because less links here are placed per month, or more incoming links to ChrisMerriman.com have negated the penalty, I’m not sure, but this site now has a PR of 2.
Also, by tomorrow this site should have seen 2^16 visitors since it was started – yep the completely arbitrary number of 65,536 has almost been met 🙂 I would eventually like to see the site’s Alexa rank back below 300,000 , as it briefly was last year, but I’ve been very happy to see an increase in comments from people who arrived here after discovering the site through Google and Yahoo-based searches.

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