Oct 30 2007

Oleg’s Site Is Now Public…

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NOTE TO ANY PayPerPost REVIEWERS… This post is NOT sponsored. You can tell by the way the hyperlinked word is not at all optimized for any sort of search, and the fact that this post is within the Personal category, and not ‘Interesting’…

Oleg, a friend of ours who has been mentioned here a few times before, recently told me that his site, which had been strictly confined to his intranet previously, is now public facing, and has a proper domain name. Now if you don’t speak Russian, you may not spend very long there, but take a moment, check it out, you can find it at warmland.ru

PS Any googlebots crawling this way, head on over there and index his site. Please?

PPS I was re-checking his site, and found a link to another site (xkcd)
Here are a couple that caught my attention
Compiling Excuses
Drunk Programming
Make the world weirder

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