Aug 04 2007

Nur Otan Event In The Park

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Woke up this morning, and when we looked out the window, we saw something going on, over at the entrance to Astana park.
There were a lot of old Kazakh buses, so it looks like some companies bussed in their workers for some reason.

NurOtan Astana Park 4th August 2007

Then we saw a couple of flags flying and a guy started speaking over a PA system. People in white shirts started milling around, and then a cycling team turned up. I don’t know if it was the Astana team that recently made an early exit from the Tour de France, as I recently blogged on, over at Kazakh Cyclist Shames Astana Tour de France Team Out Of Competition. Anyway, it appears that the political party organized an event for people to see the cycling team, and the event was well attended.

Cycling Team NurOtan Astana Park 4th August 2007

Around 30 minutes later, everyone had gone from the park, and there were no more flags being waved.

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