Jan 25 2011

Not In Kazakhstan!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:35 pm

One person has already e-mailed me a suggestion for a small business that could really take off locally – an Amsterdam style coffeeshop! Sadly, such a venture would not be well received over here, as there seems to be little to no distinction made between soft and hard stimulants/relaxing agents. When I first moved to Kazakhstan I did a little research into the recent history of green leaves in this country, and the least negative I could find was a PowerPoint presentation someone had made about the suitability of the climate in the South of Kazakhstan for growing weeds for medicinal purposes. I wasn’t able to find if the presentation was ever made, and if so, who to and the reception it was given. I thought I had saved the presentation somewhere, but a quick scan of my hard drives hasn’t turned it up, and either the web page has been taken down, or I’m just using the wrong search terms.