Jul 31 2007

Northern Ireland – Good News

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 11:08 pm

No, I am not referring to the obvious here (the situation is now stable enough there for the army to change their role in the community, allowing the police to handle all but the most severe of situations by themselves), but instead the fact that Northern Ireland will soon have its very own localized version of Sesame Street!

In case you think I have had too much to drink this evening, check out the BBC article for a little verification…
One of the main aims for the programme is to help educate the urban children about life in the country, for which two new characters will be introduced. With the sad demise of Jim Henson a few years back, I’m not sure who ‘does’ the voices now, but if they mix American and Irish accents from the North, it should be an interesting mix.

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