May 17 2007

No Great Surprise…

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 6:15 pm

It appears that Gordon Brown will be the next Prime Minister, without the need for any real (fresh) campaigning on his behalf.
I think it is time for Tony Blair to move aside, for one, his lap dog status to George Duuuuh-bya Bush in the left-wing press is doing the labour party itself no good. I’ve heard some younger friends moan about the Labour party, and where Britain currently resides in world estimation, but from a selfish point of view, I’m certainly glad that the Tories don’t have cat in hells chance of actually winning the next election or two. Thatcher taught me to be a ruthless profiteer at school, always on the look out for money making schemes. This helped my bank balance, but certainly didn’t improve my way of thinking and approaching the world. Given a choice between another ten or even fifteen years of Blair PMing, even with the sucking up to multi-national corporates so alien to old-school, ‘proper’ labour supporters, and having another Conservative led government, I’d take any flavour of red…
Anyway, check out the article here for more info on Browns virtually assured un-opposed coronation as next PM.

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