Jul 03 2007


Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:25 am

In case anyone else has this game (the Infogrames version), and one day discovers the application fails to load, you may not need to remove and then reinstall it to get the program working again.
Navigate to the directory the files are stored in (normally C:\Program Files\Infogrames\Monopoly), and then delete the file named DirectX.ini
Restart the program, and all should be well. The reason this occurs, at least on my system? If you switch to DualView, clone mode or expanded desktop, the game is no longer able to function. If you remove the information stored in the ini file, the program re-evaluates your system specifications, and has no problem. You will need to repeat this procedure if you then switch back to normal, single monitor mode.
I’m not sure if anyone else will ever read this, but it was driving me mad, so I am hoping that if someone else out there has had problems with Infogrames Monopoly crashing, that this will fix it…