Oct 18 2008

Miss Lilly

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Amended time for cocktail happy hour. Thanks to Mel for the correction.

I have been meaning to post about Miss Lilly, an American singer who has taken up residence in Northwind (is that the right term? She will be there six nights a week for six months, anyway.) We have been to see her three times so far, and not been disappointed yet 🙂
Anyway, I promised her on Friday night that I would post details about what is going on this Monday, so…

Monday 20th October 2008
Northwind (“English Pub”)
Prospekt Respublika

Now I had little bit too much to drink on Friday (thanks to Dave, Mel, and Dave’s friend’s friend for getting me home safely), but I’m pretty sure that Miss Lilly said that this Monday there would be 50% off cocktails from 7pm-8pm, and a little later there would be karaoke. CORRECTION: Either 7-9 or 8-10 IS THE CORRECT TIME.
I could be off on the timings though, so do check at the bar first. I’m hoping that Ira and I can make it, and possibly bring the in-laws.
I tried to search online for some photos or videos of Miss Lilly performing, but can’t find any right now. I think I have some (very blurry) pics on my phone, so when I get back to the flat I’ll upload any that are vaguely useful.

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