May 08 2007

Lost in a Good Book

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Lost in a Good Book – Jasper Fforde

This is the second book in a series of four, based around the antics of Thursday Next (see my previous review of The Eyre Affair).
Having successfully rescued the Jayne Eyre novel, Thursday decides to stay in Swindon working as a Literary Detective. However, the Goliath Corporation is still very unhappy with her activities, and is after her.
Rather than just assassinating her, they get quite vindictive, and effectively erase her husband – leaving Thursday as the only person in the ‘real’ world who remembers him. If she agrees to retrieve the evil character she trapped in ‘The Raven’ poem, they’ll return her husband. Probably.
As well as retaining the idea of having the ‘Real’ world and another world where literary figures actually exist, this novel sees the introduction of the concept of people’s dreams containing real figures & consequences.
Once again, there are a lot of references to famous works of literature, one of my favourite sections is where Thursday finds herself in a Kafka style trial, fighting for her liberty.

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