Oct 21 2010

Logging In Changes The Appearance

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 2:37 am

If you are already familiar with WordPress sites, you may just have noticed that this blog has a smaller Meta widget than default installations are found with. The MiniMeta Widget is really quite a powerful little plugin, however I only use a few of its functions. Rather than wasting space on displaying this site’s comments RSS feed, or links to WordPress.org etc., visitors are normally just presented with a log in link and the main RSS feed url. Once somebody has logged into this site, they just see a log out link, as well as a site admin link to the WordPress dashboard.
However, you can also use it to display different links depending on whether a visitor is logged in or not. If you only want people who have registered to be able to click through to a website, or perhaps you would like to present admin links for the blog, but only if the visitor has registered and is logged in, then you can alter the plug-in’s configuration accordingly. Unlike the default WordPress Meta widget, you can also apply styling and decide whether the widget should only appear on the homepage or other pages.

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