Aug 01 2007

Loading Up On Software For Amsterdam – Metro

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I am hoping that some of the following titles I discovered will help this blog’s readers with future holidays – none of the links are sponsored, and I will give fuller feedback once I have actually used them all in real life situations…
Anyway, onto the first program – Metro
The concept is simple, and from a couple of test runs, the execution is equally as simple. For most of the major cities around the world, this program has an (updatable) database of the underground trains, trams and other public transport. So, you can enter in where you are, where you want to get to, and the program is set to tell you the quickest way to get there (as in which service, and where to change, if needed), as well as the most direct.
I have downloaded the programs for my Windows based Smartphone and PDA, and they use the same database. This should definitely make life easier in Amsterdam especially, where you can walk to most places, but trams are quicker; you just need to make sure you are getting the right one 😉
I’ll be adding more to this post in the next few weeks hopefully, when I get a chance to check what else is available.

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