Sep 21 2006

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:08 am

For those that haven’t heard already, I’m currently waiting for a few things from the local PC shop over here, and have been for a while.

Actually, five and a bit months so far for most of them. However, Irina called them for me today, and apparently….

A 7900GT grafx card should be ordered in for me arriving next week (paying the difference in price between it and my current 7600GT)
The 320 Gb Seagate SATA hard drive I gave them wasn’t recoverable, data wise, but they’ll replace the unit, as it appears to be faulty (hmmm, I’m guessing that accidentally reversing the polarity of the DC input, via plugging in lighting system incorrectly might not have helped, but shhhhhh ;-> )
If they can’t service the printer, they’ll replace it. (The printer pretends it doesn’t have any paper loaded, you click on the continue button, and then it notices it, multiple times per print job)

When they come over and swap the grafx card, they’ll hopefully disconnect my case alarm as well – before anyone laughs, yes I do think I’m just about capable of doing that job solo, but I’d invalidate their guarantee…

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