Jul 26 2007

Kazakh Doctors Resign En Masse

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Three weeks ago, I posted on the legal proceedings in the prosecution of medical personnel having been finished – you can read the original over at Kazakh HIV Case Completed.
Now close to fifty doctors (who were not charged with anything) have resigned from their positions, as a protest at the pressure being placed upon them and their colleagues since the court case.
Another thirteen doctors are being investigated by the prosecution team and legal authorities for their roles in the infection of more than 120 young children. The doctors’ union have stated that more professionals will be resigning unless the government changes its reaction and edicts to the situation. They also state that individual doctors should not be shouldering the blame for the state of the healthcare system in this country.
Meanwhile, parents of the children infected, ten of whom have already sadly died, are also unhappy, as the higher placed officials have mostly received suspended sentences, and of the doctors who were sent to prison, many will be able to continue practicing medicine on their release.

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