Jul 19 2007

iSnare Backlog?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:46 am

As you may remember, back in early February, I submitted some articles to quite a few, well, article submission sites, strangely enough. A couple were on Kazakhstan, based on some posts I made a while back here, and one basically extolling the virtues of natural treatments for asthma.
Anyway, to be honest I had forgotten all about them, until I received an e-mail today, proudly proclaiming my article had been approved! Some five and a half months later, all seems ok. Has anyone else been experiencing this level of delay with submitting articles to iSnare, or was I just a low priority, as they were my first articles with them? Also, the Kazakhstan articles have not yet been approved, I better, make sure they are still in their system.
In addition to the funky Ezine Articles graphics, I can now add the following, should I want to.
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