Oct 15 2008

Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 1:51 am

I occasionally dip into Dom Joly‘s column over at the Independent’s website, and came across his recent piece on organizing children’s parties. Up until reading the article, I’d not considered the politics involved with deciding where to go and what to do or see in such circumstances. The idea that the film ET would somehow be too scary was amusing, though I guess every child is going to be different. One quick thing, Dom states that ET is rated PG (parental guidance), but the IMDB entry shows it as a U in Britain. Maybe the CGI re-release was re-certified?
Anyway, when it comes to the time that our soon-to-be-daughter’s friends are invited to parties, I hope we handle it well, and don’t end up annoying the other parents involved.

Ooops, serves me right for not re-reading the article before I posted this – it turns out my memory was faulty, and it was a comment left at the article that inferred ET was a PG film…

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