Oct 30 2006

Irina is Home

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:46 am

She got back on Saturday. I started drafting a post that day, but seem to have lost it down the back of a cyber-sofa :>
I’ve got the 2nd monitor setup now, see below for a quick shot of how it looks and a desktop screenshot. (I’ve had to obscure some figures in the google sidebar stats – otherwise I’d risk losing my AdSense account…) It looks a little weird, as the main monitor is at a resolution of 1280X1024, and the 2nd monitor is running at 640X480.
The desk needs a serious tidy up, and if any friends from the UK checkout the desktop shot, I’m well aware I used to tell them to reduce the amount of services and apps running in the system tray, but, well, do as I say, not as I do :> (Plus I know why my PC takes a while to respond sometimes, I’ve chosen to install it, rather than just the let the clutter accumulate by always choosing full installation options for everything..)
Quick snap of how monitor looks on my desk. Needs a little tidying stillScreenshot of desktop

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