Mar 16 2007

Heaven Sent…

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 12:20 am

And now for something a little more positive…

I’ve needed to upgrade my WordPress install for quite some time, but I’ve always procrastinated at the crucial moment – the idea of losing data or simply having the site down for an extended period of time, if an error occurred, has always made me put it off until ‘next weekend’.
Well 8 minor revisions and one major have passed by, until I found the elixir that has eluded me all this time. I’d taken a look at TheCodeCave‘s approach – a script that automates the process, but I chickened out once more, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t too sure if I had shell access to my hosting account, and didn’t want to bother MattG with questions, as he is quite busy right now.
Anyway, onto the main course – a plug in that does everything for you. From what I read, if it didn’t work, I’d not suffer any loss, and when I installed the plug in, activated and ran it, it happened so quickly I was convinced it had failed, but without an error message. A quick couple of checks later, and hey presto, I’m running WordPress 2.1.2 ! Next time a stable release is announced, a couple of seconds work, and I’ll have upgraded again. (For those too lazy to read the description linked above, some people may need to alter the permissions on files & directories for the process to complete. If you’re not sure what CHMOD means, go ask your local guru to hold your hand through the process :>