Dec 11 2010

Has It Got A Donk In It?

Category: Windows MobileChrisM @ 1:30 am

Midomi – If you ever used MusicID, this is the same idea. If not, read on…

You either point your phone at a speaker playing a tune that you don’t know the name of (perhaps you were too busy reading to listen to the DJ announce the track?), or you can even just hum your best approximation into the phone’s microphone.

The program will then analyze the patterns found, check the internet and tell you which track(s) it could be. It isn’t perfect, but for what was originally a free application, you can’t really complain.

The version of MusicID I had (free to use with no limits, unlike more recent versions) wasn’t built for touchscreens, and was designed for a much lower resolution. On my older TyTn II, the resolution difference didn’t stop MusicID from working, however on my Touch Pro2, it did. WVGAFix may have done the trick, but using Midomi seemed like a lot less fiddling, with the added bonus of being able to embarrass myself (or others) after a few drinks by playing name that tune with an impartial judge 🙂