Mar 14 2008

Happy Pi Day

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 10:45 pm

? – that’s supposed to be the symbol for pi, in case it doesn’t display properly in your browser. If you are not interested in Maths or memory tricks, you probably remember it as 22/7, or maybe 3.14?
What is today’s date? 14th March, which when written in the American way, is 3.14, which is why today is Pi Day. I remember reading a long time ago that a US state (Indiana?) almost enacted a law defining pi as 3, because it would make calculations easier! You will also find rumours online that the law was proposed due to a quote from the bible that taken literally would have given pi a value of 3 (Kings 7.23).

Anyway, head on over to this article for some more info to wow your friends with :snigger:

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