Apr 20 2009

Happy Birthday Irina !?!

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 12:41 am

Yep, today is Irina’s birthday. Not my wife Irina, but our friend’s daughter. So huge congratulations (pazdravlyayoo, as I still can’t use Cyrillic characters on this blog). I hope your day brings lots of hugs, kisses, presents and cards, and that you start and finish the day with a big smile.

Later on today Alex, Mat (her fiancé that we’ve not yet met) and Seb are all hopefully coming over. Alex and Mat have taken a holiday from Australia to visit their homeland (Britain), see Anna for the first time, and also get together for a meal for my own birthday. I need to check if the outdoor furniture is in the backyard, as we are hoping to have a barbecue if the weather is good enough 🙂 Failing that, cheeseburger and chips from the oven, along with a few shots of nice Welsh vodka should still do the trick. I’m even allowing myself to hope that City Link will actually deliver a few parcels.

City Link delivered this morning. Begrudging thanks to them for getting their act sorted in time.

Happy Birthday Irina Kim

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