Jul 13 2007


Category: PicturesChrisM @ 12:50 am

In some locations, I have no problem at all with street art that is well made. Obviously, random sprawling tags, layered on top of each other on the wall of a house is a bit different, but when it comes to pictures placed in areas where people don’t live, on abandoned buildings, and even on some tunnels & bridges, I see no problem personally. It can help to brighten up a journey to work, make people spend a moment of their hectic day just looking and thinking about the imagery etc.
Anyway, enough of the psycho babble, onto the reason for this post, I came across a couple of examples of funny graffiti. In both cases, it breaks my personal rules mentioned above, but I still found them humorous…

Graffiti Hand Dryer Bacon

Graffiti Speeding Sign