Feb 22 2011

G&R Phone Number Update

Category: Eating OutChrisM @ 11:10 pm

Subject to the use of AND , + , & , n’ or nothing between Guns and Roses Astana, this site is currently at the number 1, 1 and 2 or even 1, 2 AND 3(!) position in Google. I looked over their own site (finally ranking on the first page at least) and there no phone number! Also, the first business cards they produced listed a wrong number on, anyway, if you want to call them, +7 7172 591809 is the number. If you’re calling from an Astana landline, just 591509 is fine, if you’re calling from another Kazakh city, use 8 7172 591809. Obviously, if you’re using a mobile, you can use the full number including the international code (so you don’t need to manually edit the number if you’re not in Kazakhstan later on).