Oct 28 2007

Google Strike Again

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:16 pm

Yep, just over a week after Google dropped this blog’s PageRank from a 4 to a 3, they struck again. Unless the data centres are having some bizarre little jittery dance, and the PR goes back up again, www.ChrisMerriman.com is now back to a PR of just 2 🙁
This was it’s rank back in early April.
So what changed? Well pretty obviously I now make commercial posts on here, which Google have decided is bad. Links that are paid for pollute the internet. Unless you pay (AdWords) Google for them. Then they are OK. Obviously…
In the last 6 and a bit months, I have received a lot more links from other people, and before any know it alls jump into the comments with obvious statements, a lot of these links were from people outside of the PayPerPost et al scene. A couple of PR6 links, a few PR5s, and a lot of PR4s all made me think I may even get to a PageRank of 5 myself this time Google updated their stats. Not this time…
Combined with Google’s AdSense account banning last December, I am not feeling a lot of love for them.

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