Jul 17 2007

Good Company – Bad Food

Category: Eating Out,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 11:04 pm

Serves me right really, I decided to stray from the menu items I knew I liked. I decided to try a sausage (I think it may have been a Georgian type). It was supposed to be a mix of two types of meat, with spices and some garlic. Given the lack of proper British bangers in this country, I thought I would try it out.
The chips, vodka, coke, sauce & Ira’s company were lovely. The sausage was a skin full of flavourless meat, with large chunks of fat mixed in. It required a good smothering of sauce to be finished. However, I now at least know what not to eat at that restaurant next time. They offer turkey sashliq on the menu, however you need to pre-order it, so they can buy the meat, so in the last three or four years, I have never managed to sample it.

Hi ho, Hi Ho its back to blogging I go 🙂

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