Jun 12 2007

God Save The Queen

Category: Personal,VideosChrisM @ 9:38 pm

The Renault Formula 1 Racing team appeared to have a little time on their hands recently, either that or they have caught onto viral marketing via YouTube 🙂

Anyway, in the video below, you can hear one of their cars ‘play’ the tune to God Save The Queen, (Britain’s national anthem).

Skip to 58 seconds in to get to the ‘tune’.
I don’t know whether they used a computer to control the accelerator, or had the accelerator set to maximum and changed the value in the rev limiter.
Either way, if you like it, you will find a lot of other renditions of tunes at YouTube.
Top Gear did something similar a while back, when James May attempted to use engine revs to play the Top Gear theme tune.

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