Apr 16 2011

Gadget Girl!

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 11:56 pm

The 4th of May 2010 saw Anna get up, have some breakfast, and want her Spot the Dog DVD on. When this request wasn’t met, she climbs up on the sofa. Looking back, she may have been attempting to say Dee-Dee, which is how she currently asks for a Dee-Vee-Dee to be put on. She opens the case. Giving up on Daddy helping, so returns to the DVD player to sort it herself. Anna lowers herself to the ground, and she knows which button ejects the DVD drawer!
Karra then overcomes her natural cautiousness around Anna as an eject mechanism has been activated, and therefore the hunt is afoot! Once Anna figures out the AV Input select procedure on our TV (she already knows how standby works), we’re going to have a lot more battles on our hands when it comes to how much DVD watching is too much!

Post-nappy change, we have Anna attempting to explain to me exactly what is required vis a vis a DVD should be put on… Shifting her attention to her MP3 player, which clumsy Daddy then drops near her foot. A new target is found, namely her water bottle, closely followed by my old mobile phone. Eventually Anna settles on some keys.