Apr 06 2010

Funny Man Isn’t

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 3:14 am

Dom Joly recently wrote an article on eating horse meat in Kazakhstan. My thanks to Irina for sending me the link. All of the comments there (I see KZBlog got there first!) seem to be defending horse meat dishes, though I feel that spirited1away has slightly overstated his(?) case when claiming that Britain has no dishes to be proud of.
It is true that Dom seems to have slipped into lazy journalism, OR really didn’t have much luck with the choice of restaurant his host selected. I just hope the poor guy doesn’t read the complaints online – it does sound pretty ungrateful, as I imagine Dom would have expressed an interest in finding out what unique experiences Kazakhstan had to offer. Yes, the man is (at least in Britain) known as a comedian, and most people would expect his articles to offer a humorous short story, but as one commenter stated, this just seems like lazy journalism.

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