Oct 06 2008

From Stoners To Scanners

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 4:21 pm

OK, so it has taken nigh on a year for me to notice this article over at Wales Online, but I had to quote one section of it…

“It is also a concern that other supporters could be driving home after the game having got passively stoned during the match.”

The piece is on sniffer dogs being used at Cardiff City’s Ninian Park to try and weed out the weed smokers and powder sniffers. I’d love to know just how much was regularly being smoked on the terraces that other supporters honestly believed that they would get stoned. Perhaps if there had been five hard-core tokers, in a non-ventilated cupboard-sized room, not actually inhaling properly, I could see something like this happen, but otherwise? No, I don’t think so. What’s next? People claiming they’d get drunk sitting in a pub drinking orange juice, if others were downing shots? Head on over to KZBlog to read about one excuse that worked… drinking fermented horse’s milk is apparently a good enough get out clause for driving under the influence!
Whilst we are on the subject of milk, check over here for a Lego Milk 3-D Scanner!

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