Jun 24 2009

From J. Lo To Play Dough

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OK, so his name is obviously Placido Domingo (well Plácido Domingo to be precise, but I don’t yet know how WordPress will handle accented characters. Cyrillics are still an issue), but if I titled the post from J. Lo to Pla. Do, I thought it quite likely people would read it without making it rhyme. Which would obviously ruin my day 😉

Anyway, the connection between the two singers? Astana, Kazakhstan, obviously.

What, you say you still don’t follow? Fair enough… We will soon be celebrating Astana Day, and last year there were rumours that Jennifer Lopez would be performing at a concert. See NewEurasia.net’s article here.
OK, I was working from memory, and upon reading that article properly, it sounds more like it was for a celebration of the president’s birthday, not Astana day. I’ll need to look into that. I hope NewEurasia implement some mod_rewrite rules soon – all their internal links to old articles are still broken.
Jennifer Lopez

However, this time there does seem to be official confirmation, (three English Language sources that I could find at least – United Press International, PR Newswire, merinews (site is utterly unrelated to me, though I should have thought of the domain name before it was grabbed by them.)), that he will be appearing (and presumably singing) on July 5th at the Palace of Independence. This all assumes that it isn’t some sort of power play by akimat, in terms of getting a contract signed.

Anyway, I expect tickets will be for big-wigs, their children, extended familys and any politicians in the area that haven’t recently been denounced for corruption, so I’ll have to keep an eye out in the local press and media for reports on it.
Placido Domingo

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