May 26 2007

Forrest Gump AND Gump & Co.

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Forrest Gump AND Gump & Co. – Winston Groom

I’ve decided to review both books, as there are obvious comparisons to be made between the books and the film. First off, the edition I read of Gump & Co contained a preface by the author detailing his disliking of the handling of the film.
Pretty obviously, I had seen the film prior to reading either book. I would still recommend reading both books, even if you have seen the film. Certainly the film will pop into your mind when you read the books, especially at points where the original books differ from the movie.
One major difference from the film is that Forrest actually possesses some intellectual skills, when it comes to Physics, and also you will find quite a few extra situations that weren’t included in the movie. Some of these were probably excluded to stop the film from being too long, but others include Forrest smoking too much weed and some sex scenes. A few sections of the sequel (Gump & Co.) were used in the film.

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