Nov 08 2007

First Proper Snow Of The Winter…

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,WeatherChrisM @ 10:04 am

Just woke up to see the world blanketed in snow. Although there have been a few attempts already, this is the first time it has properly settled. Although it looks nicer, this now means getting properly dressed before leaving the house (even I admit a shirt and light jacket aren’t best for walking in now 🙂 ), and pretty soon trying not to fall over on the ice, especially when crossing the road. Also spoke to Seb for the first time in a long while this morning, and discovered he too has relented to the inevitable and signed up over at Facebook.
Anyway, I will try and grab some photos later on, but I must go for now, as I need to get ready for today’s English lesson. If Mrs Dowling could see me now, I think she would probably die out of fear for the language’s ability to survive my slaughtering of it, but there you go.
Hope all who read this do so in good health, and apologies for the long delays in between posts, I’m finding it difficult to get used to this getting up early to go to work malarkey again. I will hopefully get back into the swing of it soon.

PS Good luck to Con for this Saturday, and also to Alex. One for the tunes, one for the intercontinental moving 🙂