Nov 20 2006

Finally Properly Snowing

Category: Kazakh Driving,Kazakhstan,Pictures,WeatherChrisM @ 2:16 am

The snow is now settling, and the temperature has dropped.
Not sure if we’ll yet meet the prediction I passed on earlier last month, but at least it now looks like proper Winter weather.
As I work from home, my views are not necessarily the same as those of people who have to walk/skid to work… I imagine more accidents are on the way.

Will post some piccies later, heading to bed now…

OK, here are a couple of night time piccies from when it started snowing, I’ll upload some day light ones when I get round to taking them…
First you see what happens if you leave everything on automatic, and forget to turn the flash off…
Flash On Snow Close Up
Second we have the flash off, with the shutter speed slowed a little to try and grab some more light without the flash, hence the moving cars in the back ground
Flash Off Shutter Speed Slowed Streaky Headlight

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