Jun 15 2007

Fart Per Post

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:17 pm

OK a juvenile name, to be sure, but the idea behind it is a worthy cause, at least in my book.
Just as the movie industry have their Oscars & the polar opposite awards (Golden Raspberries or ‘Razzies’), the blogosphere§ now has its own answer to the Bloggers Choice Awards et al – The Farties.

Currently still looking for suggestions for appropriate categories, some of the ideas so far put forth are ‘Worst Sponsored Article on an Unrelated Blog’, ‘Worst Positive Review of a Software Product that obviously Sucks’ and ‘Worst Disclosure of a Sponsored Review’. I’m hoping not to be nominated for any of those, though who can tell what people think of some of my earlier sponsored posts?

§Yuck, think that is the first time that over used phrase has been uttered here, my humble apologies.

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