Sep 05 2007

Expensive Cat Poo!

Category: Dasha&KittensChrisM @ 5:37 am

I noticed a few hours ago that the guest toilet room has an aroma wafting out. Up on closer inspection, it was indeed time to clean the cat litter tray. No problem, as long as the contents are not too fresh, armed with a little mesh spade, plastic bag and breathing through my mouth, I don’t mind doing my bit to ensure the kittens have a pleasant experience. (We left it too long once, and were rewarded with a very artistic display on our duvet… never again!) Anyway, I cleared away the contents and clumped up litter, laid some fresh litter in the tray, washed my hands and went back to work…
Ooops, in the time I had been away from the keyboard, TWO $50 opportunities had been released and taken over at PayPerPost! (It is 1K Tuesday again.) Given a straight choice though, I would choose our kittens to be able to go to the loo in comfort over $50 any day. (If it had been the $500 opp also due today, I am not so sure I would not have just hoped they could cross their rear legs for another couple of minutes though 🙂 )

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