Apr 15 2008

Executable PHP Widget And WordPress 2.5

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 12:53 am

Or more specifically, the possibility of an issue with the Exec PHP Widget and the plugin auto upgrade feature found in WP 2.5
When upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.5, I thought I had tested all plugins thoroughly, however after I auto-upgraded the Executable PHP Widget a couple of days ago, it appears that my widgets were removed from the sidebar, and their contents lost.

So, before upgrading this plugin, it might be an idea to keep a copy of any widget(s) code you have placed.
The next time a new version of this plugin is released, I will check whether simply overwriting the PHP file is sufficient to keep the widget’s contents and placement in the sidebar(s). Part of the issue could have been that the auto-upgrade process first de-activates the plugin, downloads the new version, then re-enables it. This is, of course, the recommended course of action even when manually updating, it is just I’ve not bothered in the past, and so didn’t think to check if the code was still present.

I’m also going to need to monitor the Blog Voyeur plugin closely sometime, as I’m not yet convinced it has retained full functionality since this blog was upgrade to 2.5

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