Mar 04 2011

Elephants, Mugabe And Chavez

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:04 am

What do they (and others) all have in common?

White Mice

Whilst trying to find the original creator of this picture, I came across Robert Eikelpoth’s site (just add a .com on the end), and noticed he designed a logo for Die Toten Hosen, who played in Kazakhstan a while back. Do any local friends know how the gig went? I can’t remember why I didn’t try and check them out in the end,
Anyway, whilst Venezuelans have been arguing (all over the internet) about the inclusion of Chavez in these images, I still think the pictures put across a simple point quite well, in terms of the potential power the internet has over nation’s directions these days. CNN et al definitely overplay the importance of facebook, twitter and the rest, especially in countries where internet connections or even literacy are pretty low, but compared to just ten or fifteen years ago, it is starting to become a lot, lot harder to censor information totally. There are nearly always methods to bypass local restrictions on certain sites, unless the entire internet is “disconnected” or you have a totally walled off connection with only domains on a white list allowed.