May 05 2011

DVDs Are Bad. Other Digital Media Not, Apparently!

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 11:48 pm

I can’t yet publish why (need to check with him first), but thanks to a message from my brother last night, I am now fairly confident that we’ll be visiting Britain again around late August time. Given that much warning, we should be able to get everything well and truly sorted for the trip. (Before I forget, hugh congratulations are due to their little son Jack, as he has just spoken his first proper word – doggy!)
The first thing to consider is keeping the luggage weight down, and also what to try and avoid packing at all – the customs staff still seem to occasionally pick up on the fact that we might have a disc or two in our hand luggage. Officially, you are still supposed to go and get each CD or DVD checked, sealed and stamped a day or two prior to your trip. Going through customs laptops are totally ignored each time. Portable hard drives, memory cards on their own or in phones/PDAs etc are also never given a second glance. This in spite of the fact that they could easily be holding 250 times more information than a simple DVD-R. Yet another silly little quirk that will likely not be sorted any time soon. To be honest, even I can appreciate that protesters and politicians are likely to have different topics in their sights.