May 04 2007

Dust Storm

Category: Kazakh Driving,Kazakhstan,Personal,Pictures,WeatherChrisM @ 1:37 am

Wednesday turned out to be quite windy.
One minor, short term effect was that a lot of dust from the surrounding desert around Astana was blown into the city.
As a comparison, I’ve included a shot from last year…
Taken From Flat Window Drive In Theatre
This is basically how it looked early Wednesday morning – nice and clear, and the temperature was around the same as your average British summertime.
Two hours later, this was the scene…
Dust Storm
There has been no treatment to the second photo, it was that dark and murky, in the space of a few hours!
I wouldn’t have fancied driving about in it, especially as no one seemed to slow down, despite the distinct decrease in visibility.

One slightly longer-term effect is that our satellite dish on the roof appears to have been blown over, so there is no TV to keep me sane during the day.

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