May 24 2011

Duman Playtime

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 6:37 pm

The following Tuesday Irina and I decided to take Anna to the Duman centre. Not the hotel and gym building, but to the aquarium/entertainment centre. We still haven’t taken her around to look at all the fishes yet, but that day (22nd of June 2010) we had a look around the other attractions. Thinking about it, there were a few goldfish in the little indoor stream they have around the restaurants, but we didn’t pay to go into the aquarium itself. Anyway, after walking around a little, Anna had a go on one of the little rides, then we headed over to the small children’s area. You pay for a block of time, and they can run around and do what they want. This was her first time in a ball pit I think, and she seemed to enjoy it. After a while she stopped running around, and spent some time at the little children’s desks and played for a while.