Jun 09 2007

Driving Test To Be Expanded?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:27 pm

I remember when I took my driving test that the theory section had just been bought in, so as well as the traditional practical aspect of how I drove in the real world, you needed to display you understood what various signs meant, as well as how you should react in various hypothetical situations.
By the time it was Ira’s turn to take her test, the authorities had added both a computer based reaction-time section, as well as a point and explain section. Something along the lines of ‘this is the dip stick’,’this is where I top up the water’. These seem to make sense, and should result in less headaches for motorists in the future.
However, there is now speculation that psychometric testing may well be added in the future. Another way to identify people who should not be let on the roads just yet. So far, so good… however, one of the experts involved has been quoted as giving these as example questions to ask those taking the test…

    At what speed would you anticipate driving down this road?
    Have you ever left the traffic lights while they have been on red?

I’m sorry, but just how stupid would you have to be to actually answer those questions with anything other than a ‘No, I’d never break the speed limit/law’ etc.?

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