May 03 2007

Dave Barry’s Bad Habits: A 100% Fact-free Book

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Dave Barry’s Bad Habits: A 100% Fact-free Book – Dave Barry

This book is Dave’s solution to many problems in your day to day life, all grabbed from some of his earliest newspaper columns. If you’ve gotten this far in my Dave Barry reviews, I’m assuming you like the author? If so, don’t worry, despite this being earlier work, the quality does shine through still. Ira asked me a few times why I was making funny noises while she was sleeping. I explained it was due to the book being funny, and I was trying not to laugh out loud and wake her. I failed. So Dave succeeded I think you could say! Although some would argue that the cultural references now appear dated in some sections, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you don’t want to think about how life was a couple of decades ago?

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