Mar 18 2011

DanInKaz To Blame!

Category: Friends,WeatherChrisM @ 1:08 am

Earlier in the week (Monday?), the weather went above 0C all day, and most of the snow and ice in areas not hidden from the sun was melting or melted. I was most impressed to see a JCB like vehicle, several workmen and a couple of Kamaz trucks (to take away the ice and snow) taking the opportunity to remove what had been two or three inches of solid ice from both the pavements and road around our flat during that day. However, DanInKaz had to go and tempt fate by tweeting about the lovely weather. Tuesday onwards saw temperatures, whilst not plummet, certainly dip into the minus numbers again. Fresh snowfall, any slush not cleared turning into smooth ice sheets again and occasional biting winds have returned and made walking and driving in the city require more attention again. OK, so Spring is hopefully only a matter of weeks away now, and we’ll not need to scour the local shops for heated mattress pads, however, the next time the weather takes a turn for the better, I’ll be driving to Dan’s flat, snipping his phone line and stealing his SIM card to ensure he stays incommunicado until the seasons settle down. You’ve been warned 😉