May 07 2007

Couple of finds today…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:38 pm

First off, I found the source for some HID files. If you don’t have a Sony Ericsson phone, you can safely ignore this. You’ll need a bluetooth adapter for your PC as well. I’ve had an old WinAmp controller on my secondary mobile (SE T610), so it can act like a remote control for the PC. This way, if we’re having a meal in the kitchen, with some tunes on, I don’t have to run back and forth to alter the volume or skip a track. Anyway, they have a forum or feel free to ask me a question if you need guidance. The site is here.

Secondly, some software (BeatHarness) for any potential VJs (Video Jockey) out there. The system seems really quite configurable, and can accept live video feeds as well as pre-recorded videos & JPGs. If you’ve ever seen WinAmp or Media Player visualizations, you’ll get the basic concept. The site is here.

This post isn’t sponsored & wasn’t requested by anyone, I just thought others might find the software useful.

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